Tri-Star Basketball

Tri-Star Basketball is a skill contest designed for youth ages 8-13, and tests three skills of basketball: dribbling, passing and shooting.


Participants must dribble with either their right or left hand through four cones and return back through the course. Points will be awarded based on speed and control. If a participant does not maneuver through the course correctly, the judge requires him/her to return to the point of error and start over. The stopwatch runs at all times during a participant's attempt. Participants will begin with a starting score of 75 points. Three points for each second elapsed should be deducted from 75 points. Timing ends when participant crosses the finish line.


Participants will be allowed six attempts, three bounce and three chest or overhead, at a designated target from assigned distance. The target is a 12" circle set three feet from the ground. Participants will be allowed one step toward the passing line and must not touch or go over it. Five points will be awarded for each pass hitting any part of the target regardless of how slightly. No points will be awarded for a pass that completely misses the target.


Participants will be allowed six attempts, four free throw attempts at varying distance according to age and two attempts from anywhere outside of the key area. Ten points will be awarded for each basket (successful attempt), making 60 points a perfect score. Attempt will be invalidated if a participant steps on or over the assigned free-throw line.