Fund Raisers

The Southgate Optimist Club has Fund Raisers to help support our programs. We have a yearly Kash for Kids campaign in May. We occasionally have Dances and Casino Nights.

Kash for Kids

Every year, we hold a raffle and sell tickets throughout the community by delivering a packet of tickets to every house in Southgate. This is our largest fund raiser every year and takes alot of effort from the members to get the tickets distributed.

The drawing is held at the second meeting in May.

Casino Night/Night at the Races

Every other year, we have a gaming event which involves Casino type games and Night at the Races (pre-recorded horse races). These events also include raffles, silent auctions, and other activities.


Occasionally we hold a event that provides a night of entertainment with music, drinks and snacks. We also have small raffles and silent auctions.